Single stage coldheads

The Coolstar from Oxford Cryosystems has lower power and water requirements

The Coolstar single stage coldheads comprise the 0/12 and 0/40 models, respectively delivery cooling powers of 12 and 40 W at 77 K. These are some of the smallest GM coldheads available, and can be installed in systems where space is at a premium.

Coolstar is the only commercially available range of Gifford-McMahon Cryocoolers offering complete control of the Coldhead speed; by using a variable speed stepper motor and proprietary control software, every cooler in the range can be operated at speeds of 40-90 rpm. This offers major advantages, including:

  • Prolonged service intervals: Decreased Coldhead speed during low demand periods reduces wear on Coldhead seals.
  • Cooling power control: Varying the cycle rate second-by-second offers complete control for integration into OEM systems.
  • Fast cooldown time: Increased Coldhead speed makes it possible to reach 20 K in as little as 16 minutes.

The Coolstar coldheads run in conjunction with the Oxford Cryosystems Cryodrive

We are always excited to hear from potential users of our GM Coolers. If you have cooling requirements, whatever the application, why not contact us to discuss whether one of our GM coolers will be suitable?

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